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The value of internal collaboration in supply chain management can be assessed using e procurement software. The solution demonstrates a huge efficiency advantage by promoting shorter cycle times in sourcing and contract management. Growing supply chain complexity is the top concern of supply chain professionals. This is a result of multi-channel and multi-party logistics needs. Also, globalization has forced organizations to be more proactive in sourcing goods and services. The only system that could have businesses keep up with the growing market competition worldwide is a suitable inbound strategic sourcing and transportation management system.


A global solution demands a multi-layer infrastructure and supply chain plan that can be monitored and controlled at every stage within the chain. The system should be able to provide self-help to procurement professionals when sourcing the right products and services. All these require a massive re-engineering process to oust traditional procurement practices and introduce turnkey solutions that optimize the workflow in supply chain management. E-procurement software mobilizes the procure-to-pay process by providing real-time updates to manage inventory flow and logistics. The system helps organizations build a suitable delivery model by conducting all transactions online. Lack of end-to-end visibility increases the supply chain risk and hinders the workflow considerably. Moreover, without e-procurement software, procurement professionals are forced to handle critical processes, thereby, increasing the scope for human error while also putting a strain on operational efficiency.


Cloud-based integration improves efficiency and visibility in managing the procurement process. The Aberdeen report prepared by Bob Heaney on optimization and control within the supply chain reported a 98% reduction in manual tracing and tracking of inbound shipments by using cloud-based management solutions. There was also an 80% reduction in phone calls/emails as the software solution provided self-help to procurement professionals.


E-procurement software improves visibility into supply chain management and increases efficiency. The system allows procurement professionals to source strategically and helps organizations avoid the common pitfalls and excesses when procuring goods and services.


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